The story of Kronocard begins in 2013 around a dinner with friends, a collector and a programmer. At that time, one of the co-founders owned 400,000 cards. Not being able to list more than 800 per week online for sale, they decided to marry technology and nostalgia.

After a few months of development, we arrive at impressive results. We can upload up to 15,000 to 25,000 cards per week!

We then decide to write a business plan to start Kronozio. The result? A multi-sellers marketplace and a free complete card inventory management software that allows free listing on Kronozio.com. With the same software, it is also possible to sell cards on eBay.

It is in January 2016 that Kronozio and Kronocard are publicly available. Since then, we have not stopped listening to collectors to make Kronozio and Kronocard the best choice to buy and sell collectible cards.

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